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Yes, yes.. it was very very love love.
I don't know why I feel the need to repeat words. *useless*

Move your body...I was more hyped up by what I heard than what I saw. Their parts had changed. It was awesome, getting to hear them more individually though. I love that. The dance~ ^________^ hips hips hips. The OUTFITS. Omg... THIS is what I was picturing for "truth"...but I guess it'd make more sense if it was red..but oh man...I have no complaints if it's black..cuz...did you SEE them? *drools*
Arashi --> black skinny jeans --> Nessa R.I.P.

My Answer! Honestly... I never really paid much attention to this song...never loved it..but never hated it..ah..idk..but this performance changed everything. Performances always changes your view on the songs. lol. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I seriously thought that they were the little kids on the Barney show. *waits for huge purple dinosaur to appear*
This is the Arashi I love...ha, they never let me forget it. They looked really cute. *dies* Ohno looked like he was five.

One Love. In the get this feeling of.. "Ehhh? Again!?" and then at the end it's like, "Oi! You're blocking OHNO!" *shoves dancers off camera* XD
Lol..their newly added choreography to it.. haha.. made me giggle.. Nino's expressions made it even more funny.. But I liked the part where Ohno was singing and they all passed in front of him in slow motion. was probably the perfect "One Love" performance. Cute and corny...and a hint of dorky. lol Ya gotta love em.

Yes! I made mp3 rips! MOVE YOUR BODY!
Aiba = Mr. Parfait PERFECT~~~

Divshare | Mediafire

I didn't feel that it was necessary to make rips for the other 2 performances...but in case some fans did, I made them, so people wouldn't have to request.

My Answer~

Divshare | Mediafire

One Love~

Divshare | Mediafire

And a bonus~ for fans that loved watching the clip of their "Once Again" performance.
Once Again~

Divshare | Mediafire 

Please inform me if you need them uploaded to somewhere else. :]
Happy listening <3
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